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Grandson Age 7 Brings Grandma's Heroin to School

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Heroin is a drug that's used by millions around the word and because use of the illicit drug has become so widespread in this country alone, it's sad to think very little we hear or see in the news comes as a complete shock anymore.

Heroin isn't something an elementary teacher would expect to find on one of their young students but allegedly that's what happened not long ago, what's even more troubling is who the drug belonged to. A seven year old first grader from Caln Elementary School in Pennsylvania allegedly brought bags of heroin to school and his fifty six year old grandmother was arrested as a result.

The grandmother had brought the heroin into her home and while babysitting her grandchildren, the seven year old grandson found the drugs and took them to school reports. A teacher at Caln Elementary School discovered the heroin (9 bags) in the 7 year olds pocket but that was after he had already given another classmate one of them.

At first the little boy said the schoolyard was where he found the drugs but later confessed to having brought the drugs from home. A full report can be found on

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