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Officer Spots Driver Shooting Heroin

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We have all spotted people doing crazy and dangerous things while they're driving that puts everyone's life in danger. We have probably all seen young people as well as adult's doing things while they're operating a motor vehicle that are risky and unsafe like; drinking alcohol, texting, yacking on the phone, arguing with their kids, putting on makeup, reading, messing with their iPad and even men shaving which I have seen myself.

Unbelievably a Dayton police officer arrested 2 women ages 25 and 36 pending felony drug possession charges according to In the vehicle next to him an officer noticed a woman navigating the car with her knees. The woman had her arms in the air and was "sticking herself with a needle" according to the article. After pulling the women over, the officer found heroin (a gram) and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and both women were taken into custody. Sadly this probably happens more often than most of us realize.

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