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Women Survive After Overdosing on Heroin

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Reports of heroin overdose continue to increase throughout the U.S. and not everyone is fortunate enough to survive like the women found in a McDonald's restroom in Midland, Michigan did not long ago. Fortunately an employee of McDonald's called 911 after finding five women who seemed to be sleeping in the women's restroom. Paramedics were able to reverse the heroin's effects and then four of the women in their early twenties were taken to "Mid-Michigan Medical Center" for additional treatment according to

Heroin Overdose Symptoms

Unfortunately not everyone survives if they overdose on heroin partially because they didn't receive treatment in time. Symptoms associated with a heroin overdose may include breathing problems, very tiny pinpoint pupils, weak pulse, low blood pressure, lips and nails are bluish in color, stomach and intestinal spasms, coma, severe confusion, drowsiness, and muscle become stiff or rigid. Treatment (narcotic antagonist), can be administered and often reverse heroin's effects if received in time.

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